Married at First Sight

I am currently in love with this show. LOVE. At first, I couldn’t believe that people would actually volunteer to be married to a complete stranger. I mean, what kind of craziness is that!? But after binge watching the first season of the show, my mind has been completely transformed. The marriages in “Married at First Sight” are no different than arranged marriages. Arranged marriages have not only been prevalent throughout history but they still occur to this day in various countries around the world. Countries who have lower divorce rates than the United States as a matter of fact. Who’s to say that there’s anything wrong with two consenting adults trusting experts to match them with a potentially “perfect match.” Instead of building up to it, all of these couples have already proven that they’re “all in” by beginning their relationships with the ultimate commitment. Perhaps, that’s the way of the future. Who knows! You definitely have to be brave in order to be in love.

The first season saw two of the three couples survive. I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of this season!


I am not my major

I’m not. I have so much more to offer than that. Even so, if I’m a Psychology major and I want to get into the Marketing field, there should be nothing stopping me from being able to accomplish that. I’m highly qualified with not only being able to understand and communicate with various populations, but I’m also extremely familiar with figuring out how best to attain and analyze data. Bottom line… I HAVE A COLLEGE EDUCATION. Doesn’t that mean anything? I’m skilled, personable, a quick learner – I even voluntarily took extra classes this summer after already graduating because I wanted to be more familiar with certain aspects of business. I feel like I could do anything in the world. Well, I used to feel like it. Honestly, after these months of not being able to secure a job that good feeling’s been slightly dwindling. It’s hard. It sucks. I’m trying my hardest to stay cheerful and positive, but…some days…I just wonder. At this point, I wish I had just used my summer to travel around Europe. At least then I’d have better stories to tell than the ones from Finance and Microeconomics class. Ugh.

Alright. It’s always good to vent it out. But there is no winning in the word quit. I’ll just have to change my tactics, and keep on trying.

Hunting for a job like... ^

Hunting for a job like… ^

It’s my life and I’ll blog about it if I want to

I was going to wait for some momentous occasion to write my first blog post. As if some blogging gods were going to come to me in a dream or something and tell me that it’s time to get started. I changed my mind. It’s just a random day, March 21st, 2015; nothing of any particular consequence has happened. But I figured that since my blog is going to be filled with my thoughts, hopes, dreams and random tidbits of my life, no time is like the present. Here are some things that have been consuming my life lately…(in no particular order):

1. Netflix.

2. Securing a job that will eventually lead to my future long term career.

3. Netflix.

4. Networking.

5. Attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

6. Faith.

7. Friendships.

8. The Mindy Project.

9. Family Relationships.

10. Netflix.

I figure that my blog is a safe enough space for me to admit that having freetime after college correlates to an insane amount of Netflix. Life isn’t evolving as quickly as I imagined that it would while I was still in school. However, I have no doubt that with a little more time, patience and faith, it’ll all work out in the best way in the end.

But man oh man will I be ecstatic to no longer have to pimp biscuits for the man…(a.k.a. Waitress in a restaurant).