Why do we struggle with forgiving those who have hurt us?

For me, it’s an issue of pride. *whispers* I’m a hopeful work in progress 🙂

Your turn!

What in you gets hurt so easily? Is it something that you need to work on?

We need to stop trying to judge and fix each other when we have so much in ourselves that needs to be healed.

God knew how much we would struggle with forgiveness. He talks about the importance of it all the time. He even goes as far as to say that if you don’t forgive others then He will not forgive you all of your sins. (Matthew 6:15) YEESH.That’s how much He wants us to keep the door of unforgiveness closed. That pesky little door. So easy to open, but so hard to shut.

Let’s try not to open it at all!

“But I’m hurt. They hurt my feelings. They always hurt my feelings. I’ve forgiven them and they do the same thing to me over and over again.”

Look babe. I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt. Bur try to recognize that hurt people hurt people. Why don’t you try taking your hurt feelings and turn them into a constructive conversation with the other person. They might not know what they’re doing! Address the person, not as the superior one (because I guarantee that you’re not perfect) but as the one who genuinely wants to see healing in the person who hurt you.

If you recognize that something’s wrong, then take that revelation and pass it on. You never know who needs to hear it.

Give forgiveness freely because I’m sure that, at some point, you’re going to want to be given it freely.

Song suggestion: “Mercy” by Amanda Cook (Bethel Music)


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