You are light.

We were all created to be the light of the world and whenever light stands next to dark, darkness always dissipates. Always. This is more than science, it’s biblical truth!

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

If you ever feel like your circumstances or emotions are too much for you to handle, don’t despair! You were created to be an over comer! Keep that knowledge with you and hold it close to your heart. Use it like a weapon against the hard times.

Sometimes, we choose to focus on the negative when we should be focusing on the positive. Try making a list of positives in your life vs negatives in your life…I guarantee the positives will outshine the negatives! And if you think they don’t, then SHIFT YOUR FOCUS! Try pretending the negatives don’t exist for a few moments…how would your life be different? Figure that out, and then try LIVING the next few days as if those negatives don’t exist.

You’re strong. You were created to be strong. Don’t let anything get you down. Take your authority and attack every dark thing that’s trying to come for you.

Smile! Go be bright! And go encourage others to be bright too!

Song suggestion: When the Crazy Kicks in by Francesca Battistelli


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