A Purpose

Hi Blog,

Long time, no talk. I can’t believe my last post was in June 2015…yikes. Am I consistent or what? And LOL, these previous blog posts though!? Who knew that I could be so dramatic?

(I did.)

A lot’s happened in a year’s time. First off, I am NO LONGER slanging biscuits for the man, WOO. Always remember to be kind to your waitresses folks because that job is not easy. Right now, I’m working at a pretty cool company, and overall, it’s been an awesome experience for me! I’m thankful, but my job journey’s not finished yet. I feel like it’s important to be thankful for where you are, while also seeking clarity about where you should go next. My career growth has been awesome, but, it doesn’t even come close to the coolest part of my life.

I’ve been consistently seeking God for the past year and that’s the real story here. How he’s constantly changing my life is the real story here. Through him I’m becoming:

  1. More loving.
  2. More joyful.
  3. More passionate.
  4. Less fearful.
  5. Less doubtful.
  6. More secure in who I am.
  7. More patient.
  8. Light.

Please know that I am a work in progress. Whew, AM I A WORK IN PROGRESS! But, man oh man, am I progressing.

I no longer have any interest in “figuring out” this world on my own. That was hard. Taking on life’s burdens alone is hard. Let’s make it easy on ourselves.

So with all of that said,  I’m going to flip this blog a bit. I’ll still talk about the “Real World” and my journey, but my focus is definitely being shifted to detailing how God is shaping my “world” as he becomes more “real” to me.

Reader, do you have peace? REAL peace? I hope so! You deserve it because you are so loved!

Song suggestion: “Spirit Move” sung by Kalley H. of Bethel Music. All the feels.


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