Interviews, Interviews…

Oh man. Interviews are such an experience. There’s a nervousness to knowing that you have one, but there’s a sadness to knowing that you don’t. I’ll take nervous over sad any day. I had my first group interview today, so I had no idea what to expect at all. Though, the thought of actually having to see your competition face to face, wasn’t something that sounded nice to me at all, and I wasn’t wrong. The other candidates were great people and it was amazing to hear about the variety of backgrounds in the room, but that kind of makes it worse right? Like, oh man, I like these people, the hiring managers probably will too! Haha. I definitely feel like I allowed myself to get overshadowed in not only the group atmosphere, but also in how fast paced everything was. That’s completely on me.

So, for my next interview, I definitely want to remember to…

1. Be Confident. These are people just like you. Yeah, they’re responsible for making a big decision but that’s no reason to wear your nerves on your sleeve.

2. Be Vocal. Ask the questions that you want to ask and say what you want to say (as long as it’s relevant). Since I was in a group I definitely allowed myself to be bulldozed over and that’s no bueno. I didn’t take charge enough and I didn’t ask the questions that I wanted to ask. You have opinions, share them!

3. Really do your research. I did a ton of research, but I feel like I could’ve prepared even more. If you really know the role that you’re applying for then you’re going to have no problem painting a picture of how your skills and experiences connect to it. You want these people to envision you in this role, so make it easy for them!

Clearly, I’ve struggled throughout this past year with really finding my place, but I believe that a good opportunity is out there for me. I have to believe that. I have to stay positive and I have to keep chugging along. These temporary setbacks are not forever.


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