It’s my life and I’ll blog about it if I want to

I was going to wait for some momentous occasion to write my first blog post. As if some blogging gods were going to come to me in a dream or something and tell me that it’s time to get started. I changed my mind. It’s just a random day, March 21st, 2015; nothing of any particular consequence has happened. But I figured that since my blog is going to be filled with my thoughts, hopes, dreams and random tidbits of my life, no time is like the present. Here are some things that have been consuming my life lately…(in no particular order):

1. Netflix.

2. Securing a job that will eventually lead to my future long term career.

3. Netflix.

4. Networking.

5. Attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

6. Faith.

7. Friendships.

8. The Mindy Project.

9. Family Relationships.

10. Netflix.

I figure that my blog is a safe enough space for me to admit that having freetime after college correlates to an insane amount of Netflix. Life isn’t evolving as quickly as I imagined that it would while I was still in school. However, I have no doubt that with a little more time, patience and faith, it’ll all work out in the best way in the end.

But man oh man will I be ecstatic to no longer have to pimp biscuits for the man…(a.k.a. Waitress in a restaurant).


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